KarmaWoo How It Works

In various religions, regions, and cultures, people tend to sacrifice animals, give money to needy, donate food and clothing, or do good deeds in order to woo Karma in their favor. In the past, most people have realized on going through non-profit organizations might not be the right approach for multiple reasons:

  • Some non-profit organizations may use the funds for other purposes than intended.
  • Overhead could be huge for some organizations resulting in lower money actually allocated.
  • Non-profits have to spend the “profit” so that they can stay non-profit. Sometimes this causes them to increase salaries or spend money on unnecessary items or services.
  • Accountability in some organizations is somewhat limited
  • Transparency is another issue where outsiders might not have full visibility to all of the details

Of course, all of the points mentioned above are valid points. But even in the case of best performing organizations, donors may not get the full bang for their buck. Most individuals want to donate to individuals and causes directly for various reasons:

  • Satisfaction of helping others
  • Some kind of return such as a simple prayer from the receiving organization or individual

At the same time, donors may not have the time or the expertise to locate the right organization of individual. So when they send money to a non-profit, for example, deep down there is a mistrust. Additionally, other means such as sacrificing animals, burning candles, and other non-effective ways so not make sense in this time and age.

At KarmaWoo™, we enable donors to pick from the type of people, causes, regions, and other criteria to donate and get thanked for in the life and hopefully in the next life. Some of the donors may have committed sins (hurt someone, for example), trying to fend bad eye (sometimes referred to as Evil Eye), or simply invest in future Good Karma. Here is a depiction of the content above:

How it works

At KarmaWoo, we are completely and unconditionally believe in helping everyone that we can. We treat everyone equally regardless of national origin, region, race, creed, gender, age, sexual preference, religion, or any other unique differentiators. With all that said, we respect donors’ requests to help those most closet and effected by the donors. Basically, we strive to allocate funds based on the donor’s preference.

If the donor does not have a preference, we would like to help individuals and causes that are most in need of help. But as an organization, we take the following preferences only to distribute the funds:

  • Children
  • Single parents
  • Elderly
  • All others

We believe that we should also consider what factors can and will impact the community. Those factors include:

  • Survival
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Education
  • Treatment

As mentioned in About US section, KarmaWoo will be the first phase of our operation. We believe that we can help as many people and causes as we can. At the same time, some of the profits will be used to support our future non-profit. In the next phase, we would like to establish a comprehensive center to care for single parents and their children. In those centers, we will provide housing, food, clothing, medical/dental care, and education for families located in each center. At the same time, training will be provided for parents where they can land a profitable and fulfilling career. Having a physical mailing address will also enable parents to seek jobs on their own with of the fear of being labeled.

How it works